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We welcome all those who believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ and who respect the Catholic Tradition





We will always  be pleased to welcome to our Masses the Pilipino people ,nurses and hotel workers in Blackpool. A very warm welcome await you  and we hope you are able to join in our singing. We hold a meeting one a month every Wednesday  at 7.30 pm for anyone who is having landlord problems, financial worries ,wages disputes or just in need of a chat and a cuppa. All our meetings  remain confidential


Saint Joseph Cafasso


Jesus Christ, in His infinite wisdom, used the words and idioms that were in use among those whom He addressed. You should do likewise.

Saint-Savin lived a few centuries earlier. According to the authors, between 5th and IXème century; many uncertainties still remain on the exact date. What is certain, it is that it was one of the first Christians to have evangelise the valley of Lavedan, after a passage to the monastery of Ligugé.
Of Spanish origin, it leaves very to follow Christ and to announce the Gospel. It is established as a hermit in the mountain above the village to the locality “Pouy-Winder”. It will carry out a life of prayer to it, contemplation and austerities during thirteen years, according to the tradition.

To its death, its body will be gone down again to the village of Bencer - old name of Saint-Savin to be venerated there. Today the tomb of Savin saint, of Romance origin, is the principal furnace bridge of this church. On each side of this sarcophagus, two large tables painted on wood and dated from XVème century, illustrate in a very alive way the life of the saint. They evoke its miracles and testify to the enthusiasm of a whole people for that which will become patron saint of this valley.

 St Anthony and St Francis

 pray for us

I just want to be a Nobody, willing to tell Everybody,
  that there is  a Somebody, who can save Anybody.


"Be good, love the Lord, pray for those who do not know Him. What a great grace it is to know God!"

St. Josephine Bakhita