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 St Francis  Mission



Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngo - Dinh Thuc + +

Requiem in Peace

Our Mission  consists of Bishops, Priests, Deacons

The Bishop Priests and Deacons  of S F M hold their Apostolic Succession through Most Reverend Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngo Dinh Thuc, former Archbishop of Hue in Vietnam, a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church.


The  S F M is a member of the Catholic Orthodox  or Traditional Church with full Catholic Rites. Mary the Mother of Jesus has a very special place in our Apostolate and our daily prayers are a reflection of this. We do hope and pray that Our Lady will be seen and recognized by all Christians for whom she really is "Behold, from henceforth All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed” Luke 1 Verse 48.

 We do allow for the acceptance of married deacons.  We do believe in the unbroken line of the Succession from  St Peter to Benedict the XVI.  

The S F M  who have apostolic succession and who respect the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the Holy Father would ask your prayers that our road to Rome will be a fruitful journey. We do feel that we cannot afford the luxury of been selective of what we accept from the Catholic Table and therefore we do accept all of the  Catholic Church Councils including Vatican II. We do also accept that the Mass should be in the language of the people so they can understand and share the prayers of the Mass.   

The S F M is fully committed to ecumenism, each member of the clergy or lay staff member will try to live according to the moral church code given down to us through Holy Scriptures and the Church Councils. It is therefore essential that a candidate admitted to Holy Orders demonstrate from the beginning a sincere and sound moral character. Also a criminal background check  (C R B) for each candidate will be necessary.

Within the S F M we believe that marriage is a sacrament to be shared between a man and a woman according to church teachings and Holy Scriptures. We do recognize the need of protection under law and therefore Civil Partnerships give to those individuals by choice a protection under this Law. 

 Priests and Deacons share with their Bishop a pastoral care of all souls under His care and as such we are not only responsible to God but to one and other and the law. We must be beyond reproach and a shining example for others to follow so that when they see the light of faith in us thus enabling them too to believe and follow Him.


Prayer for the Church

Lord, Jesus Christ, You are the Saviour of the world. Please manifest in Your church, the Spirit whom You also abundantly bestowed on Your Apostles. May zeal for Your glory and for the salvation of the world inflame those You have chosen. May they be saints in Your likeness. May Your Holy Spirit strengthen them. May they be priests according to Your own Heart. Amen


We, at the S F M  celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass and our priests are free to celebrate Mass in English  or the language of the people present. We celebrate the Mass in English,  French and Latin. We believe in the Real Presence  of Our Lord in the Eucharist.  We celebrate the Divine Office in English or French. We have a great devotion to our Blessed Virgin Mary which we embodied in the Spirit of St Francis our Patron